Original & Bespoke Designs working with incredible artists and my own art work


I've always been an artistic and creative person from a young age. From a teenager to young adult I used to do pencil and charcoal sketches of friends and family members and even ventured into watercolors.

I also developed a passion for Photography which I went on to study in college.

As you get older with a demanding day job and start a family you don't really have time for those passions.

I became a mother to twin boys in July 2019 and during my Maternity leave I knew I wanted to be home with them and do a job that I absolutely love. I don't think it was until I was on leave that I realised actually how unhappy and stressed I was in my job. I redecorated the boys rooms a few times as the original "cheap" prints and frames I brought had faded and the frames were falling apart. I designed up some artwork for them and then started venturing into creative design markets where you could purchase artwork with the commercial rights to use. I built up a lot of artwork, designs, researching the market and materials late 2019 before finally building the courage to start my business in May 2020. 

I came across Kate the artist for my "family hands collection" after finding her twins hands with the hospital tags. When I purchased the artwork there was only a barcode on the tags but I knew I wanted to put my own boys names on there and that people would want them personalised. I know my way around my design softwares and was able to rework them and then personalise the hospital bands. I then also made a version for triplets too.  The design was a massive hit on some of my facebook twin groups so I then brought more of Kates work and over the past year have created a massive collection. I can honestly say that all of my designs are original from my own mind & creativity and I even have exclusives that I have reworked myself or worked with Kate for the many ideas I had. 

Watercolor Baby Scans - are another of my bestsellers. 

I cannot take credit as the "idea" has been around for many years, however I didn't like the designs or options out there they were very basic and didn't emphasise the scans. I know myself I had some really rubbish scans that were not that clear so I developed a technique to re work them and get the best result possible. I also learnt that baby scans fade! like any photo they fade in sunlight. That is one of the many reasons I use the cardstock that I do as it is archival. It's fade resistant and lasts a life time. 


I have so many more ideas, designs and products to bring to you but it is the time to do it. As some of you may know I am only a 1 woman band - The designs, printing, packing, postage and doing the post run is all done by me. 



I have so many more ideas for various 

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